Why laser beam diagnostics?

-You can feel whether a knife is sharp and see when a torch is growing dim


PRIMES webpage

PRIMES aim is to allow our customers to make optimum use of the laser beam. That is why PRIMES have dedicated to recording the laser beam for the user in all its process-relevant parameters, employing professional measurement techniques that are highly precise and highly innovative. Measuring laser beam is part of quality assurance. PRIMES product range includes:

  • FocusMonitor, analyzing focused laser beam, defining K-value and divergence
  • BeamMonitor, analyzing raw beam, for tuning resonator and aligning workstation
  • PowerMonitor, measuring and analyzing laser power
  • PocketMonitor, portable and easy to use laser power meter for field service
  • Cube, new small laser power meter for solid state lasers in the processing zone
  • MikrosSpotmonitor, analyzing fine- and micro machining lasers, also pulsed lasers