YW52 and ScanTracker

Modular laser welding head

  • YW52 and ScanTracker
  • YW52 and ScanTracker
  • YW52 and ScanTracker



The welding head can be used for all systems with fiber-guided solid-state lasers of medium to higher power with, if necessary, larger aspect ratios. The modularity makes it easier to adjust the configuration to the respective application and the die space. The head is very affordable in our basic model. It can be supplemented for use in fully-automated manufacturing with different process monitoring modules and beam guidance systems.

Scan Tracker

ScanTracker is the number one choice for difficult welding tasks under changing conditions, particular for body-in-white work. The weld quality often hinges on energy input per unit length and how this energy is laterally distributed. Deficient gap bridging with undercuts on butt or fillet welds is often caused by inadequate spot size and inappropriate lateral intensity distribution. With ScanTracker, the programmable scanner mirror ensures exactly the right spot size and a seam width that matches the joint thanks to a high-frequency pendulum motion. An additional unit also controls the laser power, which is freely-programmable, in synch with the pendulum motion.  



  • for all solid-state lasers with high beam quality
  • for the highest laser power
  • high welding quality thanks to high-quality optics and adjustable inert gas supply
  • stable process guidance via high-quality optics
  • optics are protected from dirt
  • expandable with process monitoring
  • standard fiber socket for QBH and LLK-D fibers

YW52 with Scan Tracker

  • large gaps compensated by changing the spot width
  • freely selectable and configurable scan frequency
  • freely programmable, synchronous control of the laser power

Technical data

  • max. laser power: 20 kW
  • collimation focal lengths: 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
  • focal lengths: 150 to 1000 mm
  • NAmax: 0.20 at FC100, NAmax: 0.11 at FC200
  • weight 3 to 6 kg, depending on model
  • dimensions (standard module): 74 x 74 mm (edge measurement)