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The TRUMPF LaserNetwork allows laser systems to be connected to different laser devices and to request laser power.

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The utilization and cost-effectiveness of the beam source can be significantly improved with the TRUMPF LaserNetwork.
Communication between the networked components takes place using standard fieldbus systems. If needed, additional processing stations can be integrated into the network at any time.

The solid-state laser in the network

Flexible fiber-optic laser cables guide the laser light to the processing optic of a machine or to a beam guidance module.
Depending on the laser assembly, up to six processing stations can be connected to the network. With the fiber-optic laser cable, a data cable is laid to transmit information about the origin of the beam as well as safety and control data.

Time is divided, not the laser power

The LaserNetwork provides the laser power to the different processing stations in a timesharing process. The laser power isn’t split – just the usage time. Switching between individual processing stations takes place in a few milliseconds.