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TruControl control system

TruControl control system – Powerful, intuitive to operate and extensible with many valuable add-on modules

  • TruControl control system
  • TruControl control system


The control system for TRUMPF solid-state lasers is fast and dynamic. The laser power is regulated in real time, ensuring reproducible work results from the first second. For communication with external control systems, all important interfaces are provided.

Simple to use

The user interface of the TruControl 1000 operating software is clearly structured, easy to understand and self-explanatory. This allows simple operation and control of your laser. Input takes place either through the touch screen of the operator panel or through a panel computer. You can use the Ethernet to connect your lasers into a network and connect multiple PCs. You can conveniently back up and load your data through a USB connection.

A variety of laser sources, from CW to short pulse, and yet only one control

The TruControl control system is optimized for all of the solid-state laser sources offered by TRUMPF. Whether with TruDisk, TruDiode, or other lasers: The communication with the control is always done in exactly the same way. Because of this, there is always maximum flexibility with a very simple control. All current interfaces are available with it:

  • Field buses (ProfiNet, EthnerIP, DeviceNet, ProfiBus, EtherCAT, PowerLink, InterBus ,OPC)
  • Parallel I/O
  • Real-time interfaces
  • Analog control
  • OPC UA

Support in a few seconds via Teleservice

With our Teleservice, we offer you a service that is unique, all over the world. After you enable the Teleservice, our online specialists can see and regulate the functions of your entire system. In this way, service missions can be prevented or prepared in the best possible way. The availability of the laser device is thus further increased.

Valuable modules for your advantage

  • Quality data storage QDS
  • Speed-dependent laser regulation for cutting and welding (Cutassist / Weldassist)
  • Visualization of the current laser power using a live power display
  • Statistics counter
  • And much more