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The TruFiber is attractive due to its high process speed, narrow weld seams and small cutting kerfs.

Its 500 or 1000 watts of laser power make it ideal for precision processing.

With proven TRUMPF quality, the TruFiber performs reliably. The fact that it is maintenance-free, with long diode life time, means its total cost of ownership is very low.

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In a 19 inch housing, the TruFiber lasers with powers of up to 500W contain includes all the components which are needed for a smooth and comfortable operation. They are also available as stand-alone variants. The TruFiber 1000 is mounted within its own specially designed housing. With the integrated operator PC and the detachable touchsreen panel the laser is very simple to operate. The user interface is clearly structured and self-explanatory. All of the industry’s standard interfaces are available for communication with external controls. The laser power is controlled in real-time and with the built-in frequency generator it can be modulated with up to 50 kHz (TruFiber 500) and up to 10 kHz (TruFiber 1000). Additionally, you can program nearly unlimited pulse shapes. A safe and very robust laser light cable, proven thousands of times over in everyday industrial use with machines and robots, is used for beam guidance.


Depending on the imaging ratio of the focus optics, the TruFiber can achieve a typical focus diameter of 10 to 50 µm. The resulting high power density at the workpiece translates to high processing speeds. That’s the key to high productivity.

During precision cutting, the optional Cutassist module supports you. It fits the laser parameters to the cutting speed completely automatically, giving you the best cut quality and maximum productivity.


The single-mode beam quality of the TruFiber allows you to process products and components with great detail. The TruFiber produces thin weld seams and narrow cut kerfs – less than 100 µm wide. Being available in two variants, single mode and multiple mode, the TruFiber 1000 produces perfect welding and cutting results


  • Best beam quality M² < 1.1
  • Comfortable operation with the integrated PC and touchscreen panel
  • Built-in frequency generator
  • Power measurement and control in real-time
  • Robust laser light cable
  • High safety standard
  • Two product versions available: Version Stand-alone with integrated water-air chiller and version 19” for integration
  • A special design significantly reduces reflection for the 500W and 1000W lasers

Technical data

 TruFiber 500TruFiber 1000
Laser power500 W1000 W
Wavelength1070 +/- 10 nm1070 +/- 10 nm
Beam quality M²< 1.1< 1.1
  • Width
 920 mm
  • Height
 590 mm
  • Depth
 990 mm
Dimensions version 19″  
  • Width
483 mm 
  • Height
495 mm 
  • Depth
513 mm 
Dimensions version stand-alone  
  • Width
600 mm 
  • Höhe
1500 mm 
  • Depth
800 mm 
Connection and Consumption  
  • Cooling water temperature range
20 °C – 30 °C20 °C – 30 °C
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

The stand-alone version is air-cooled.

Laser power: At the workpiece regardless of the ambient temperature.


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