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TruMicro Mark 2000

All-around solution for marking with ultrashort pulses.

Are you looking for a marking unit for laser markings with ultrashort pulses? Then the TruMicro Mark 2000 is the ideal choice. The first all-around, turnkey solution for ultrashort pulse laser in a marking station includes a scanner, laser cooler and software, in addition to the laser. With peak pulse powers of 0.5 MW, it is productive even with moderate average powers in cold material processing. The system offers the benefits of maximum process stability and monitored pulse energy for each individual pulse. The multi-pulse technology enables the individual adaptation of pulse number and distance in freely configurable pulse trains. This means that you can also use the TruMicro Mark 2000 for other applications in cold processing.

  • TruMicro Mark 2000
  • TruMicro Mark 2000


  • Precision work. High beam quality for absolute precision.
  • 100% tailored pulsesThe ultrafast power modulator keeps power and pulse energy at an exact level.
  • Dazzling performance With ultrashort pulses, you can mark even highly reflective surfaces.
  • Specialist for medical technology. With the TruMicro Mark 2000, you can mark implants and surgical instruments in a corrosion-resistant way.
  • Black marking. Create deep black, corrosion-resistant markings with extreme peak pulse power.
  • Protects the surface. Mark chromed plastics without modifying the polymer layer.
  • Full power. 100% of the average power even in individual pulses, as a result of monitored fiber technology

Technical data

LASER PARAMETERS TruMicro Mark 2020TruMicro Mark 2030
BEAM QUALITY (M²)< 1.3< 1.3
WAVELENGTH1030 nm1030 nm
< 900 fs 
< 400 fs
20 ps 
< 900 fs 
< 400 fs
MAX. PULSE ENERGY10 µJ Optional: 20 µJ and 50 µJ20 µJ Optional: 50 µJ
MAX. REPETITION RATE1000 kHz Optional: 2000 kHz, 200 kHz for 50 µJ pulse energy (10 W)1000 kHz Optional: 2000 kHz, 400 kHz for 50 µJ pulse energy (20 W)
DIMENSIONS OF LASER HEAD (W X H X D)500 mm x 340 mm x 180 mm500 mm x 340 mm x 180 mm
DIMENSIONS OF SUPPLY CABINET (W X H X D)600 mm x 1225 mm x 825 mm600 mm x 1225 mm x 825 mm
DIMENSIONS OF WORK STATION (W X H X D)860 mm x 2000 mm x 1312 mm860 mm x 2000 mm x 1312 mm


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TryMicro Mark 2000