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TruMicro Series 7000

The short pulsed lasers of the TruMicro Series 7000 offer high productivity in microprocessing, with an average power of up to 750 watts. Depending on wavelength, pulse durations of 30 ns or 300 ns can be used – with good beam quality. Therefore a variety of applications, like cutting and drilling or large-area stripping, can be handled with power and precision.

  • TruMicro Series 7000
  • TruMicro Series 7000
  • TruMicro Series 7000
  • TruMicro Series 7000


Short pulses – high power

High-power short-pulse lasers by TRUMPF combine the requirements of microprocessing with a high average power in an ideal manner. On one hand, these disk lasers offer short pulses of 30 ns independant of its repetition rates. On the other, they have a high pulse energy of up to 80 mJ with repetition rates of up to 100 kHz.

One disk – many application possibilities

Disk laser technology is superior to other technologies with respect to power and pulse energy, and still has outstanding beam quality. Frequency conversion is also possible even for pulse lengths into the high nanosecond range. With a wavelength of 515 nm and high pulse energies, entirely new applications result in drilling and cutting, such as in silicon or copper, and in annealing. The price/performance ratio of the TruMicro Series 7000 disk lasers is excellent.


  • Highest average power for high throughput
  • Efficient process parameters thanks to optimum combination of pulse length and beam quality for remote processing

Technical data

TruMicro 7050TruMicro 7240TruMicro 7060
Wavelength1030 nm515 nm1030 nm
Average power750 W300 W850 W
Beam quality20 mm▪mrad5 mm▪mrad20 mm▪mrad
Min. diameter laser light cable400 µm100 µm400 µm
Pulse duration (independent of repetition rate)30 ns300 ns30 ns
Max. pulse energy80 mJ7.5 mJ80 mJ
Min. repetition rate5 kHz20 kHz5 kHz
Max. repetition rate100 kHz100 kHz100 kHz
Nominal power consumption5 kW5 kW5 kW
Max. cooling water consumption at 18 degrees0.9 m3/h0.9 m3/h0.9 m3/h
Cooling water temperature range5 °C – 22 °C5 °C – 22 °C5 °C – 22 °C
Dimensions supply unit
  • Width
1460 mm1460 mm1460 mm
  • Height
1350 mm1350 mm1350 mm
  • Depth
730 mm730 mm730 mm
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.


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TruMicro: Power meets precision.