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For any processing task, TruPulse lasers offer you the right parameters – tuned precisely to your production.

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The application focus of our TruPulse lasers is spot and seam welding. Especially for components where heat input, and thus process time, must be low, “cold welding” with TruPulse lasers has a lot of advantages. Materials with high melting points can be welded just as well as materials with high heat conductivity. When cutting metal, TruPulse lasers produce fine contours.

Finely tuned

Several kilowatts of pulse power for a few milliseconds make welding and cutting possible where other methods fail. Whether power, energy or focusability – the TruPulse series includes the entire parameter range for welding and cutting.
Maximum pulse powers of up to 10 kW, pulse durations from 0.2 ms to 50 ms, and maximum pulse energies of up to 120 J make them useful for many purposes – both in manual and automated operation.


Beam generation, beam guidance, power supply, cooling and control are all modular in design. Everything is thought out to the last detail. A laser can serve up to six processing stations. The laser beam is divided or a time offset is used to guide it to the workpiece. In the TruPulse lasers up to 150 W, you can also choose whether your TruPulse laser will be air- or water-cooled.

Best results

The clocked power supply is highly dynamic. It permits an extremely short pulse rise time, and together with the fast real-time power control it permits high pulse-to-pulse stability (deviation < ±0.3% at 10 ms pulse duration). Thus your processing results are consistent at all times.
The pulse frequency of a laser is normally limited by the pulse energy and average power. With the Power Regulated Burst, the average power can also temporarily be exceeded by a factor of several times, reducing the welding time in one processing cycle to a minimum. Long Pulse Welding also opens up new possibilities. With a single laser pulse, you can produce a welding seam by moving the workpiece or the laser beam quickly.


An optional application wizard in the form of a database supports you in determining the optimum welding parameters for your application. If you need to satisfy strict quality requirements in the components you are processing by laser, Quality Data Store helps you record, evaluate and track the relevant laser parameters.


  • 12 modules to choose from
  • Custom adaptation of supply unit and beam guidance
  • High reproducibility, thanks to high pulse-to-pulse stability
  • Power Regulated Burst for high efficiency
  • Convenient operation and control

Technical data

TruPulse 21TruPulse 33TruPulse 44TruPulse 62
Wavelength1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm
Average power20 W30 W40 W60 | 65 W
Max. pulse power1.5 kW3 kW3 kW3 | 5 kW
Max. pulse energy15 J30 J30 J20 | 50 J
Pulse duration0.2 ms – 50 ms0.2 ms – 50 ms0.2 ms – 50 ms0.2 ms – 50 ms
Beam quality4 mm▪mrad12 mm▪mrad16 mm▪mrad8 mm▪mrad
Min. diameter laser light cable100 µm300 µm400 µm200 µm
Cooling water temperature range6 °C – 30 °C6 °C – 30 °C6 °C – 30 °C6 °C – 28 °C
TruPulse 74TruPulse 103TruPulse 106TruPulse 124
Wavelength1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm
Average power70 | 70 W95 | 95 | 90 W110 W140 | 125 | 110 W
Max. pulse power4 | 6 kW5 | 6 | 8 kW4 kW6 | 6 | 9 kW
Max. pulse energy30 | 60 J30 | 60 | 90 J30 J30 | 70 | 90 J
Pulse duration0.3 ms – 50 ms0.3 ms – 50 ms0.3 ms – 50 ms0.3 ms – 50 ms
Beam quality16 mm▪mrad12 mm▪mrad25 mm▪mrad16 mm▪mrad
Min. diameter laser light cable400 µm300 µm600 µm400 µm
Cooling water temperature range6 °C – 28 °C6 °C – 28 °C6 °C – 28 °C6 °C – 28 °C
TruPulse 156TruPulse 203TruPulse 304TruPulse 556
Wavelength1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm1064 nm
Average power150 | 160 | 140 W200 W300 W530 W
Max. pulse power6 | 6 | 10 kW6 | 8 kW10 | 10 kW10 | 10 kW
Max. pulse energy30 | 80 | 120 J55 | 90 J60 | 90 J60 | 100 J
Pulse duration0.3 ms – 50 ms0.3 ms – 50 ms0.3 ms – 50 ms0.3 ms – 50 ms
Beam quality25 mm▪mrad12 mm▪mrad16 mm▪mrad25 mm▪mrad
Min. diameter laser light cable600 µm300 µm400 µm600 µm
Cooling water temperature range6 °C – 28 °C6 °C – 28 °C6 °C – 28 °C6 °C – 28 °C
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.


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