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Standardized TruMark image processing solution

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The new standardized image processing solution VisionLine Mark offers a new option for even simpler laser marking, and also enhances the retraceability of your products. The new software supports you with adjustment of the focus position, positioning of marking content, process-specific setup of the camera and lighting, and integration into automated production sequences – because parameters can be easily exported and imported.

VisionLine Mark Autofocus

VisionLine Mark shows you the marking area in the software, so that you can position your content on the component easily and precisely. VisionLine Mark Autofocus quickly finds the right working distance for components with different processing heights. The image processing software detects the exact position on the component surface, and the Z axis travels automatically to the correct marking position. This simplification of the positioning increases processing accuracy and productivity considerably – elaborate setup, expensive fixtures andunnecessary scrap are all a thing of the past. For even more comfort, you can also integrate the Autofocus functionality as a standard sequence within an automated marking process.

VisionLine Mark Traceability

For the consistent retraceability of your products, VisionLine Mark Traceability offers the optimal solution for the marking of 2D codes (DataMatrix or QR). The software gets its information from files or databases, converts it into codes, and marks them. Directly after the marking process, a camera reads the generated code on your component and compares the content with the information it has received. This immediately guarantees that the code really is legible and that the content matches the initial information. Further scenarios can also be realized – for example, you can save data such as the date or the operator in the initial database.

Technical data

 Vision Line Mark
Available optionsObserver, Autofocus, Traceability, Comfort Package
Standardized hardware5-megapixel camera, LED illumination, fixation and adjustment plates
SoftwareNew graphic user interface VisionLine Mark; operation in manual or automatic mode; individual camera and lighting configuration; axes controlled via VisionLine Mark; handling of variables; calibration function for camera; administration of user rights
Supported codes for traceabilityDMC ECC200, GS1, QR Code, PDF417
Available marking lasersTruMark Series 3000 / 5000* / 6000
Available focal lengthsf = 160 mm, f = 163 mm, f = 254 mm
Available marking stationsTruMark Station 5000, TruMark Station 7000

* not for TruMark 5010

Subject to alteration. Only specifications in our offer and order confirmation are binding.


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