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The TruDiode’s reproducible applications results at low operating costs is convincing. Passively cooled diode modules lead to unprecedented diode life time. This combined with the proven TRUMPF quality of all of the components, results in high availability and life time of the entire laser device.

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Easy scaling

The diode laser is based on individual compact diode modules which are combined using polarization mode coupling and wavelength coupling for higher power outputs. The high quality of each module is the basis of the total laser quality.

Always ready

The diode modules of the TruDiode lasers have a long service life due to their passive cooling. If a module happens to fails, the diodes cover for each other. The power in the remaining modules is automatically increased so that no power loss occurs at the workpiece. The failed module can be replaced at your convenience and without interrupting production – in just minutes.

Plug & Play

Diode lasers by TRUMPF have a modular design. Individual components can be replaced quickly and easily by the user in the field. All components have long service lifetimes and are ideally tuned to one another. The beam guidance is integrated into the housing. Up to two fiber-optic laser cables can be connected to one TruDiode – and even those are easy to re-plug. Upgrades of laser power in the field are also possible.


  • Laser power of 150 – 6000 watts
  • High beam quality even at high power
  • High availability and life time
  • Low operating costs
  • Compact and modular design
  • Plug and play with all laser light cable diameters

Tekniset tiedot

TruDiode 151TruDiode 301TruDiode 603TruDiode 903
Wavelength920 – 1050 nm920 – 1050 nm920 – 1050 nm920 – 1050 nm
Laser power150 W300 W600 W900 W
Beam quality< 8 mm▪mrad< 8 mm▪mrad< 16 mm▪mrad< 16 mm▪mrad
Min. diameter laser light cable150 µm150 µm300 µm300 µm
Power stability at nominal power± 1 %± 1 %± 1 %± 1 %
Cooling water temperature range24 °C – 26 °C24 °C – 26 °C5 °C – 22 °C5 °C – 22 °C
  • Width
1036 mm1036 mm
  • Height
1250 mm1250 mm
  • Depth
709 mm709 mm
Dimensions version 19″
  • Width
483 mm483 mm
  • Height
495 mm495 mm
  • Depth
513 mm513 mm
Dimensions version stand-alone
  • Width
600 mm600 mm
  • Höhe
1500 mm1500 mm
  • Depth
800 mm800 mm
TruDiode 2006TruDiode 3006TruDiode 4006Trudiode 5006
Wavelength920 – 1040 nm920 – 1040 nm920 – 1040 nm920 – 1040 nm
Laser power2000 W3000 W4000 W5000 W
Beam quality30 mm▪mrad30 / 50 mm▪mrad30 / 50 mm▪mrad50 mm▪mrad
Min. diameter laser light cable600 µm600 µm600 µm600 µm
Power stability at nominal power± 1 %± 1 %± 1 %± 1 %
Cooling water temperature range5 °C – 20 °C5 °C – 20 °C5 °C – 20 °C5 °C – 20 °C
  • Width
870 mm870 mm870 mm870 mm
  • Height
1325 mm1325 mm1325 mm1325 mm
  • Depth
750 mm750 mm750 mm750 mm
TruDiode 6006
Wavelength920 – 1040 nm
Laser power6000 W
Beam quality50 mm▪mrad
Min. diameter laser light cable600 µm
Power stability at nominal power± 1 %
Cooling water temperature range5 °C – 20 °C
  • Width
870 mm
  • Height
1325 mm
  • Depth
750 mm
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

Laser power: At the workpiece regardless of the ambient temperature.

The above mentioned power stability applies for the entire service life


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