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Etusivu TRUMPF Laser TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker

TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker

Mobile Marker – for more freedom with laser marking.

The new TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker enables comfortable marking of heavy and large metallic components in laser protection class 1.

  • TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker
  • TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker
  • TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker
  • TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker


Mobile laser marking

The TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker enables large and heavy metallic components to be comfortably marked. Transportation of the elements to the processing station and positioning are no longer necessary. Unproductive downtimes and additional expense are avoided. The TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker has compact dimensions, and in production it can be used precisely where it is needed.


  • Mobile laser marking
  • Ergonomical and user-friendly
  • Best traceability
  • Utmost safety

Tekniset tiedot

 TruMark 5010 Mobile Marker
Laser mediumYb:Faser
Wavelength1062 ±3 nm
Beam quality M²< 1,6
Pulse repetition frequency1 kHz – 200 kHz
Pulse duration (independent of repetition rate)250 ns
Focus diameter70 µm
Max. size of marking field50 mm x 30 mm
Connection and consumption 
  • Electrical connection (voltage)
100-240 V
  • Electrical connection (frequency)
50/60 Hz
  • Electrical connection (current)
2.5/5 A
  • Max. power consumption
0,21 kW
Protection classIP40
Dimensions and weight 
  • Width
460 mm
  • Height
1200 mm
  • Depth
980 mm
  • Gewicht
90 kg
Dimensions and weight processing unit 
  • Width
190 mm
  • Height
320 mm
  • Depth
490 mm
  • Weight
5 kg
Length of connection hose1,7 m
Laser protection class1
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.


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TruMark 5010: Mobile Marker: Flexible marking that lasts