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Etusivu TRUMPF Laser TruMark Series 3000

TruMark Series 3000

The TruMark Series 3000 offers you all the features you need in a marking laser for problem-free integration: compact dimensions, high cost-effectiveness and cost transparency and a solid performance profile.

  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000
  • TruMark Series 3000


TruMark 3020

Entering TRUMPF TruMark technology is even possible with a small investment.The TruMark 3010 is a marking laser reduced to the essential. Its Nd:YAG laser yields solid performance over the entire life cycle with minimum maintenance costs. After waivering functionalities that TRUMPF is able to provide technologically, but that may not always be necessary, what remains? The answer: a cost-effective marking laser with a technological core based on decades of experience in laser development.

TruMark 3130

In the TruMark 3130, vanadate laser features are combined with those of the TruMark Series 3000 to produce a versatile marking tool. Different processes like annealing, engraving, material ablation and color changes on different material surfaces can all be carried out with the TruMark 3130. Regardless of whether you want to mark graphics, text or data matrix codes; or whether different materials are marked – the TruMark 3130 is flexible enough to fulfill diverse requirements.

TruMark 3230

The TruMark 3230 combines extraordinary green laser light (532nm) power capability with compactness and low maintenance air cooling. Among other, the Trumark 3230 produces convicing marking results in processing silicon, plastics and special plastics and delicate markings on precious metals. The laser head can be mounted in any orientation for maximum integration flexibility. An internal focal point adjustment completes the package for ambitious integrators.

TruMark 3330

The TruMark 3330 is ideally suited to functional marking for identification and retraceability. It is also the perfect choice for marking design elements on plastics, composites and organic materials. With its short wavelength of 355 nm, the UV laser delivers high-contrast, permanent marking. Thanks to the high beam quality and high pulse-to-pulse stability, even filigree contours can be realized. With its efficient air cooling and compact design, the TruMark 3330 is easy to integrate and maintenance and operating costs are low. The new robust UV marking laser meets the high requirements for operation in industrial environments.


  • Compact
  • Air-cooled
  • Modular construction
  • Easy assembly/disassembly
  • Service-friendliness
  • Easy to integrate
  • Fast materials processing
  • Short process times

Tekniset tiedot

TruMark 3020TruMark 3130TruMark 3230TruMark 3330
Laser mediumNd:YAGNd:YVO4Nd:YV04Nd:YVO4
Wavelength1064 nm1064 nm532 nm355 nm
Beam quality M²1.51.2< 1.2< 1.5 I TEM00
Pulse repetition frequencycw 1 kHz – 100 kHzcw 1 kHz – 100 kHz1 kHz – 100 kHz1 kHz – 120 kHz
Focus diameterat f = 100 mm: 30 µmat f = 100 mm: 28 µmat f = 100 mm: 15 µmFor f = 100mm: 16 µm
Marking field size (at f=160mm)110 mm x 110 mm110 mm x 110 mm110 mm x 110 mm80 mm x 80 mm
Max. internal focal point adjustment± 60 mm± 60 mm± 60 mm± 18 mm
Scanner calibration accuracy± 50 µm± 50 µm± 50 µm± 50 µm
Connection and consumption
  • Electrical connection (voltage)
85 … 264 V85 … 264 V85 … 264 V85 … 264 V
  • Electrical connection (frequency)
47 … 63 Hz47 … 63 Hz47 … 63 Hz47 … 63 Hz
  • Electrical connection (current)
10 A10 A10 A10 A
  • Max. power consumption
0.6 kW0.6 kW0.6 kW0.6 kW
  • Average power consumption
0.3 kW0.3 kW0.3 kW0.3 kW
Protection classIP 54IP 54IP 54IP 54
Dimensions and weight processing unit
  • Width
138 mm138 mm138 mm138 mm
  • Height
138 mm138 mm138 mm207 mm
  • Depth
380 mm380 mm380 mm450 mm
  • Weight
10 kg10 kg10 kg13,5 kg
Dimensions and weight supply unit
  • Width
445 mm445 mm445 mm420 mm
  • Height
465 mm465 mm465 mm445 mm
  • Depth
420 mm420 mm420 mm465 mm
  • Weight
34 kg34 kg34 kg34 kg
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.


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