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Etusivu TRUMPF Laser TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion

TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion

The TruPrint 1000 from TRUMPF is a compact machine for the production of small metal components by powder-bed-based laser melting, which is also called ”laser metal fusion”. Starting from metal powder and laser light, it is able to quickly produce components of virtually any geometric shape. Even complex shapes can be transformed simply from the CAD design into a real, top-quality component. Whether it is a unique item, a prototype or a small series, the TruPrint 1000 removes the obstacles blocking the implementation of your ideas.

  • TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion
  • TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion
  • TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion
  • TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion
  • TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion
  • TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion
  • TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion
  • TruPrint 1000, Laser Metal Fusion


Simple and intuitive operation

The TruPrint 1000 is a true plug-and-play machine.Due to its small size, it is easy to install and only requires a 230-V power outlet as well as an inert gas connection. The generously proportioned process chamber and the locking door ensure high accessibility and permit ergonomic filling and unpacking as well as easy cleaning. Thanks to the intuitive user interface with a clearly structured touchscreen, operation of the machine is very simple. The control software supports the operator with intelligent features for a fast and user-friendly production process.

Innovative coating system for high process speed

The TruPrint 1000 is able to coordinate powder coatings and laser exposures in a partly parallel fashion. Thanks to an innovative coating system, downtimes are reduced to a minimum, allowing higher process speeds.

MobileControl App

With the MobileControl App from TRUMPF, you operate and control your machines easily and flexibly. The app transfers the surface of the standard control panel on the touchscreen of your tablet, creating more free space. This permits the operator to keep an eye on the production process as well as on those working steps that do not take place directly on the control panel. In addition, the required presence of the employee during the production process is reduced.To do this, a camera integrated in the machine transmits the process live on the tablet.

Visual Online Support

Of course, the TruPrint 1000 also benefits from the proven TruServices. With remote diagnostics, you establish a direct connection between our technical service and your machine, so that they can access it. With the app for Visual Online Support (VOS), you also communicate quickly, easily and securely to exchange images, sound and video files. Remote diagnostics allow us to fix problems faster than time-consuming on-site visits. This reduces downtime to a minimum and increases the constant machine availability.


  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Innovative coating system for high process speed
  • MobileControl App for mobile operation and observation
  • TRUMPF Teleservice with Visual Online Support

Tekniset tiedot

 TruPrint 1000
Build cylinderØ 100 mm x 100* mm
Build materialsStainless steel, tool steel, cobalt-chromium, aluminum, nickel-base alloy, titanium**, precious metals**, bronze
Coating thickness20*** µm
Laser source200 W fiber laser
Focus diameter55 µm
Scanning speedMax. 6 m/s
Shield gasNitrogen, argon
Connection and Consumption 
  • Electrical connection (voltage)
230 V
  • Electrical connection (frequency)
50 / 60 Hz
  • Electrical connection (current)
7 A
  • Width
1445 mm
  • Height
1680 mm
  • Depth
730 mm
Weight705 kg
Subject to alterations. The specifications in our offer and our sales order confirmation are authoritative.

* Optional: reducible build cylinder

** available with option package

*** individual adjustment


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