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Condition Monitoring and Data Base Services

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Condition Based IoT Services

The Condition Based IoT Services are supplemented by the Smart View Services. These are clear dashboards for the visualization of the current laser states. In the dashboards, you can also find consolidated information on laser data, any error messages, laser utilization, upcoming maintenance measures, as well as logs of the changes to laser or scanner programs made. All states and events, therefore, remain transparent for you at all times.


Smart View Services

With Smart View Services you can independently gain an overview of the state of your lasers. Based on secure data transfer, status data is transferred and automatically represented in the form of clear dashboards. If required, you can access more in-depth detailed views. In addition to the status conditions, the dashboards also create transparency overextended device data, error messages that have arisen, laser utilization, upcoming maintenance data, and changes made to the laser and scanner programs. With this consolidated information, you can save time on your maintenance. By being able to initiate measures in time, you can also avoid downtimes, and thereby increase availability and productivity.


Condition Monitoring

With Condition Monitoring, TRUMPF service experts and algorithms monitor your lasers for anticipatory maintenance. You can find the results of the analysis in the cyclical Condition Monitoring Reports. You can discuss the recommended measures subsequently with a TRUMPF service expert. You are of course proactively provided with information regarding any identified developments that could result in idle time, to avoid this.




Data Based Services

With the Data Based Services, you have the ability to store and visualize the data provided by your lasers, the respective connected optics, and other sensor systems in a process-synchronous way.

Quality Data Storage

The system records the process data and saves it in flexible storage locations – meaning your quality data backup is automated. For full traceability, assign the applicable relevant process data from the laser, the optics or other process sensors to each component. This enables you to analyze data over several processes, and subsequently makes it easier for you to determine the cause of quality defects.

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