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Laser marking

The marking systems from TRUMPF come in different sizes and power classes so that you can find the optimal device for every marking task: regardless of large or small-sized components, or large or small lot sizes. All the laser marking systems are simple, comfortable, and safe to use. During design, great emphasis was placed on the ergonomic operation, both with standing and seated operating positions. The marking systems from TRUMPF are certified to laser class 1 – just like a commercially available DVD player. The laser marking systems can therefore be used in your plant without any additional safety measures.


The marking lasers from TRUMPF come in many different power classes and with all standard wavelengths (infrared, green, ultraviolet). These lasers are ideal for marking processes such as engraving, ablation, annealing, discoloration, and foaming. In addition to metals, marking lasers from TRUMPF also process many other materials such as plastics, glass, silicon, ceramics, and organic substances. All marking lasers have a consistent modular design and can therefore be easily integrated into your system. The TRUMPF standard delivery range includes up to five different focusing optics for each marking laser type so that you always get the optimum processing result, no matter what the application.


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Laser marking systems

Laser marking systems
TruMark Station 7000

With its large interior dimensions laser marking system for almost any application

TruMark Station 5000

Flexible all-around solution for convenient laser marking

TruMark Station 3000

Simplicity and convenient operation marking system for processing medium lot sizes

TruMark Station 1000

Non-automated and non-motorized entry level marking system

Marking lasers

Marking lasers
TruMark 7050

Laser marking meets power

TruMark 6030

The next generation marking laser with 3D marking as well high level of productivity

TruMark 5000

Flexible and productive fiber laser marking with compact laser head

TruMark 3000

All-around solution for materials and applications

TruMicro Mark 2000

All-around solution for markings with ultrashort pulses

One-box lasers

Outstanding and compact cost-effectiveness

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