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Additive production systems - 3D-printing

3D printing shapes the future of industrial production. Through additive processes, components are created from powder and light alone using 3D printers for metals. Highly productive laser processing machines enable innovative applications in the fields of coating and repair through laser metal deposition. For additive manufacturing, TRUMPF provides you with solutions in both relevant laser technologies: laser metal fusion (LMF) and laser metal deposition (LMD). Depending on the application, we offer the right 3D printer or laser processing machine for your industrial manufacturing processes.


For the industrialization of 3D metal printing, we offer you a complete solution comprising digitalization, services, and additive production systems. As a pioneer in additive technology with around 20 years of experience, we will pass on our expertise to you, so that you benefit from robust and reliable laser 3D printers, as well as highly productive laser processing machines for industrial series production.


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Laser metal fusion (LMF) 3D printing

Laser metal fusion (LMF) 3D printing
Industrial part and powder management

Optimal powder handling for maximum productivity

TruPrint 5000

Highly productive 3D printing for industrial serial production

TruPrint 3000

Flexible solution for industrial 3D printing

TruPrint 2000

Economical 3D printing with premium quality

TruPrint 1000 Green Edition

3D printing of pure copper thanks to the unique combination of green laser light and the additive manufacturing system

TruPrint 1000

3D printing in premium quality: highly productive and compact

Laser Metal Fusion (LMF) process

The laser creates new workpieces layer-by-layer out of metal powder; these workpieces are very stable while still being light

Laser metal deposition (LMD)

Laser metal deposition (LMD)
Laser metal deposition (LMD) process

The laser generates a weld pool on the component surface. A metal filler material is then continuously added and melted on in this pool. In this manner, beads that are welded to one another are created, which then form structures on existing base bodies for repairs or coating, or form entire components

DepositionLine technology package

For your complete solution

TruLaser Cell 3000

Unique and universal

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