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Apricon principles

Our promises

We are in our products and services the preferred supplier to our customers.

We supply to our customers the best products and services from the field of technology, in the agreed time and with economic efficiency.

We are responsible for our operation; with constantly improving our products and services.

We pay attention to the life cycle of our products, environment and work safety and well-being.

We constantly improve our processes inefficiency and appropriateness.


How we do it?

Simplicity, we keep things simple

We keep matters simple and easy to understand. Elimination of non-essentials lays the foundation for success.

Avoid mistakes, we do it right at the first time

Our operation is based on high level knowledge and skill of our personnel and partners, by following safe working methods and developing constantly our knowledge, skills and tools. Mistakes may happen. To do so we must find the root of the mistake. Once we have corrected the error at its origin, we will avoid it in the future. In every mistake, we see the change for us to develop ourselves further

Cleanness and neatness, we keep things in order

Order and cleanness in our work environment and methods prevents losses and enables to focus on essentials.

Clear objectives, we agree on the direction

Our management together with everyone in our personnel sets clear responsibilities and authority to our organization and reserves adequate resources to realize our strategy and goals. The goals in economics, safety, environment and quality, are constantly reviewed by the corporate management.

Responsibility Our operation is accountable and we take responsibility from it

We follow the legislation in our operation. Everyone of us is accountable for the quality of our own work. If we are aware of our responsibility for our actions, we can hope to achieve the quality we strive for.

Active co-operation We communicate interactively

we recognize the needs and requirements of the customer and fulfill them by active interacting. Open communication, share of knowledge and transparency inside organization enables efficiency and constant improvement.

Observe deadlines We keep our schedules

we set to ourselves and to others realistic schedules, which can also be followed. We do react, response and inform immediately to questions, remarks and problems in schedules.

Quality controlling We monitor quality and processes closely

The technological leadership of our partners allows our customers needs to be fulfilled by high quality products and services as well safe work environment. This is achieved by monitoring our own quality goals and operation. We must stay in economically reasonable bounds, as this is also in our customer’s best interest.

Continuous improvement We are always open for improvements

Constant improvements of our products and services requires interactive feedback and ideas from customers and partners. By utilizing this allows us to improve our products and services to benefit our customers.

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