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Tervetuloa Muncheniin 27-30-6. tutustumaan TRUMPF:n, Precitecin, Primesin ja Laservisionin lasertekniikan innovaatioihin ja tuote uutuuksiin.

LASER World of PHOTONICS 2023 messuille:

TRUMPF osasto A3 / 341, PRECITEC osasto A3 / 205, PRIMES osasto A3 / 241, LASERVISION osasto B2 / 501.

Tervetuloa keskustelmaan uusimmista lasertekniikan innovaatioista ja turteuutuuksista APRICONIN, TRUMPFIN, Precitecin, Primesin ja Laservisionin asiantuntijoiden kanssa.

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TRUMPF tuoteuutuuksia Lasermessuilla:

Disk lasers

TruDisk 8000 with Dual PFO and Visionline Detect

The TruDisk 8000 with Dual PFO and VisionLine Detect is a state-of-the-art laser system used in materials processing. With its Dual PFO technology, the TruDisk 8000 can use two outputs of a beam source simultaneously to achieve even faster and more precise processing. The optics arrangement allows large workpiece dimensions to be covered without repositioning. The VisionLine Detect function ensures that the laser automatically detects what type of material is being processed and at what position, and adjusts the parameters accordingly for optimal results. The TruDisk 8000 can process highly reflective metals, such as copper and aluminum, quickly and efficiently. Its performance and precision make it an ideal choice for the automotive, aerospace and medical industries.


TruDisk 3022 green with PFO 20 und VisionLine OCT Check

The TruDisk 3022 green welds copper efficiently and spatter-free – regardless of the material surface. The green laser light makes heat conduction welding and deep penetration welding with a constant penetration depth a reliable process. VisionLine OCT Check ensures process-synchronous quality assurance by measuring the welding depth and monitoring the seam throughout the entire scan field.


Fiber lasers

TruFiber P with the option BrightLine Mode

The TruFiber P is the versatile fiber laser for welding and cutting processes. It covers a wide power spectrum with single-mode (up to 2 kW) and multimode (up to 6 kW). With BrightLine Mode, you have maximum flexibility in beam shaping and ensure high-quality process results. In combination with optics and sensor solutions from TRUMPF, the TruFiber P offers a complete industrial solution.


TruFiber S

The multimode fiber laser is the all-rounder in the medium power range from 3 to 6 kW. The laser offers flexible beam shaping with up to two outputs and low-spatter laser welding with BrightLine Weld technology. Active Power Control guarantees maximum power stability.


Marking lasers

TruMark Station 7000 with TruMark 6030

The demands on marking through, for example, tempering, color change, foaming and engraving, are increasing unceasingly. The TruMark 6030 is fast, precise and flexible and has the advantage that it can process numerous materials in 3 dimensions. For example, it is also used for 3D marking of plastics.


TruMark Station 7000 with TruMark 7050 M-Type

The TruMark 7050 fiber laser was designed as a multifunction tool and is a turnkey solution that is easy to operate and integrate. Cleaning, structuring, ablation and deep engraving are now possible due to the new power level (200 W average power and over 10 kW peak power). For example, this product combination is used in the manufacture of electric motors for stripping copper cables (hairpin stripping). In this process, the plastic sheathing is removed.


TruMark Station 7000 with TruMicro Mark 1020

The TruMicro Mark 1020 ultrashort pulse laser with the integrated TruTops Mark 3D software solution and 360° process coverage using VisionLine ensures deep black and corrosion-free markings on complex 3-dimensional surfaces, e.g. on individual implants made of titanium. Thanks to its precision, the laser enables excellent results on the smallest components, which are particularly important in the field of medical technology, where very strict quality standards apply.


Optics and Sensors

VisionLine OCT Detect

VisionLine OCT Detect combines the world of reflected light imaging with optical coherence tomography (OCT) to detect features in three dimensions. The OCT sensor scans the component coaxially to the processing laser and works independently of the respective illumination and clamping situation. The 3D information generated in this way can be used for positioning and for checking component features, such as the height offset of second components.


VisionLine Detect with the AI Filter option

TRUMPF VisionLine Detect image processing reliably detects the position of your components and ensures precise welding at the correct location. With the ”AI filter” option for VisionLine Detect, AI models can be used to distinguish relevant image areas – usually the part to be processed – from other content such as clamping fixtures. This is particularly useful in difficult lighting and part situations. Thanks to the perfect contrast of the AI-processed images, the VisionLine Detect algorithms can work more reliably than conventional image processing systems.


VisionLine OCT Check

Experience the future of weld penetration depth monitoring with the TRUMPF VisionLine OCT Check sensor system. Optical coherence tomography enables precise quality assurance of your weld seam in sync with your processing.


Innovations in the field of optics

At LASER World of PHOTONICS, we will present the second generation of the PFO 20 – suitable for applications with laser powers up to 6 kW. Also represented: the PFO SF small field scanner, our compact optics for beam oscillation in the small working field. Convince yourself also of the innovative solution for media-tight welding of aluminum: the multifocus option for the second generation of the BEO D70.

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