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TRUMPF BrightLine Weld, Roiskeiden vähentäminen laserhitsauksessa, Hitsaustekniikka 5-18
Kuituvälitteisetlaserit ovat nyt johtavaa tek-niikkaa teollisuuden laserhitsausjärjestelmissä. Laserkuitu tuo monia etuja laserhitsauksen järjestelmärakentamiseen. Silti ”roiskeiden hallinta” on odottanut teollista ratkaisua tuottavuuden kasvattamiseksi. Yleisesti roiskeita saadaan hallittua tie-tyllä nopeusalueella hitsattaessa. Syvätun-keumalaserhitsauksessa kuten voimansiir-ron hitsauksessa, roiskeita saadaan hallittua 5-6 m/min nopeuksilla. Yli 6 m/min nope-udella roiskeista johtuva materiaalihäviö johtaa reunahaavoihin sekä mahdollisesti lisää hitsin huokoisuutta. Molemmat on-gelmat heikentävät kappaleen mekaanisen rasituksen kestokykyä. Lisäksi jos roiskeina irronneet partikkelit ovat läsnä tai irtoavat kokoonpanon aikana, voi vaihdelaatikossa syntyä käyttövaurioita. Tässä artikkelissa esitellään viimeisiä tuloksia, jotka käsittelevät näitä ongelmia sekä havainnollistetaan merkittävästi vähen-tyneitä roiskeita hitsattaessa suurilla nope-uksilla. Aiemmin tämä on ollut aikaisemmin mahdollista vain CO2-laserhitsauksessa. Tämä uusi menetelmä perustuu TRUMPF DiskLaserin soveltamiseen uudella säteen muokkaustavalla. Menetelmästä käytetään nimitystä BrightLine Weld ja siinä laserhit-sausnopeutta voidaan kasvattaa merkittä-västi sekä energiankulutusta voidaan vähen-tää huomattavasti.
TRUMPF Brightline, Metallitekniikka 2014/4
Uusi BrighLine teknologia tekee TruLaser 5030 fiber koneesta monikäyttöisen kuitulaserleikkurin. BrightLine tegnologian avulla laserleikkausasetusten vaihto ohuesta materiaalista paksuun on erittäin nopeaa. Tämä tuo TRUMPF:n uuteen TruLaser 5030 fiber kuitulaserleikkuriin ennen näkemätöntä joustavuutta ja tuotantotehokuutta. Sen 5 kilowatin TruDisk pystyy leikkaamaan erinomaisella laadulla jopa 25mm paksuja ruostumattomia teräksiä.
Keyhole Depth is just a Distance, Laser Technik Journal 2014/04
Talking about laser welding predominately means talking about the generation of a keyhole, the physics behind and invariably the depth of this steam capillary. Having the ability to measure this depth would undoubtedly raise the confidence in laser welding and also raise the quality of the processed part on a higher level. With the IDM (In-Process Depth Meter), Precitec developed a sensor system that is able to measure the depth of the keyhole in-process. On the basis of low-coherence interferometry, with a high robustness of the measured values against process emissions, the system is perfectly qualified to provide the measurement that the industry has been asking about for decades.
Laser surface modifications in steel industry, Laser Technik Journal 2013/03
Components used in the manufacture of steel strip work in exceptionally aggressive environments and have to withstand service at high temperatures in corrosive atmospheres under mechanical wear and frequent and heavy impact loading. Conventionally, components that are subject to high wear or corrosion have often been manufactured from rich chemistry steels or hardfaced using submerged arc clad martensitic stainless steels to increase their campaign life and therefore maximise line throughput by extending maintenance intervals without any sacrifice to product quality.
Autot jotka valmistetaan laserilla, Hitsaustekniikka 2012-05
HITSAUSTEKNIIKKA 2012-05, Autot jotka valmistetaan laserilla
Skannerilaserhitsaus, Hitsaustekniika 2006/01
Hitsaustekniika 01-06, Skannerihitsaus


Laservison Catalogue 2016 ed. 25
Rapid advancement of laser technology across a broad spectrum of applications is making laser safety of greater importance than ever before. New laser applications in medicine, defense, research and industry present unique safety challenges for safety and personal protection. laservision stays abreast of all laser technology and is committed to offer worldwide the best laser safety protection for each laser application according to the standards:
Modern laser technology can achieve outstanding results in almost any manufacturing process while making effi cient use of resources. When it comes to developing new products, you can rely on light to provide the right tool for your production environment! To ensure you get exactly the technology and support you need, TRUMPF offers a unique range of lasers and laser systems combined with global application consulting, integration support, and comprehensive after-sales service. Put simply, that’s the Power of Choice. TruDisk, TruDiode, TruFiber, TruPulse, TruMicro, TruMark, TruFlow
TRUMPF Marking Lasers
Simple to find the right solution. Simple to integrate. Simple to program. Simple, precise, and safe to operate. Or simply more productive. With TruMark, laser marking is simple times five. Reach your goal faster. It’s as simple as that. TruMark
TRUMPF Micro Lasers
The short- and ultra-short pulsed lasers of the TruMicro Series enable microprocessing with an optimum combination of quality, productivity, and profitability. Whether used for structuring, ablating, cutting, or drilling, lasers have become an indispensable microproduction tool. The TruMicro Series features short-pulsed lasers with pulse durations in the nanosecond range – known as nanosecond lasers – as well as ultrafast lasers with pulse durations in the picosecond and femtosecond range – known as picosecond and femtosecond lasers. The TruMicro product lines cover average output powers from a few watts all the way up to the kilowatt range, with unmatched peak powers. This proven performance combined with lowest costs of ownership in the industry results in unbeatable costs per part.
TRUMPF Laser Systems
TruLaser Cell 8030 Compact 3D laser cutting machines for maximum productivity and minimal part costs, ideal for cutting hot-formed components. TruLaser Cell Series 7000 High-end laser machines for cutting, welding and deposition welding of large 3D components with CO2 or solid-state lasers. TruLaser Robot Series 5000 Robot systems with solid-state lasers for welding and cutting complex geometries for both large-scale series and small batch sizes. TruLaser Cell 3000 All-purpose laser machines for cutting and welding small and medium-sized 2D and 3D components using solid-state lasers. TruLaser Cell Series 1000 Variable beam guidance systems with CO2 and solid-state lasers for continuous welding of coils, tubes or profiles – easy to integrate. TruLaser Station 5005 Compact and ergonomic laser welding workstations
TRUMPF TruPrint 1000
The TruPrint 1000 from TRUMPF is a compact machine for the production of small metal components by powder-bed-based laser melting, which is also called "laser metal fusion". Starting from metal powder and laser light, it is able to quickly produce components of virtually any geometric shape. Even complex shapes can be transformed simply from the CAD design into a real, top-quality component. Whether it is a unique item, a prototype or a small series, the TruPrint 1000 removes the obstacles blocking the implementation of your ideas.

TRUMPF Laser Community

Laser Community Issue 30/2020
Featuring: Power: Quantum computer to help with laser cutting. (No kidding!) Glory: Happy 60th birthday, laser! Ahead: How hollow-core fibers are simplifying production processes with USP lasers.
Laser Community Issue 29/2019
Featuring: Architecture: Laser technology opens up new possibilities for steel in architecture. Quantum technology: Are we on the way to transmission of thought? And what does the laser have to do with it? Mini Laser: VCSEL – How a tiny beam source is opening up huge possibilities in sensor technology.
Laser Community edition 28/2019
Featuring: Artificial intelligence: What consequences does AI have for laser material processing? Join us on a journey into the future of the manufacturing industry. Ultrashort pulse laser: Medical device manufacturer Miethke acquired a marking laser to carry out precision cutting – but the story didn’t end there. Brain research: Professor Karl Deisseroth has set himself the task of understanding the brain. To help him achieve this goal, he developed a method called optogenetics, which uses a laser to influence thoughts and decisions.
Laser Community edition 27/2018
Featuring: Additive Manufacturing: Metal 3D printing is gaining ground on the shop floor. Find out how far we have come, what the future holds - and which industries are driving development fastest. Interview: Dr. Aidan Brooks is in the business of measuring gravitational waves. He expects big surprises that challenge our understanding of the universe - if we trust our math. Nuclear waste: British engineers are on the hunt for the most reliable laser-welded seam for nuclear waste containers.
Laser Community edition 26/2018
Featuring: Electro-mobility: It's heading this way - experts suggest electric drives will be the norm seven years from now. It's about time we started using some highly productive manufacturing processes. Additive manufacturing: Electric toothbrushes – Procter & Gamble boosts production by combining two additive manufacturing methods. Pop culture: laser ignites the sun
Laser Community edition 25/2017
Laser Community edition 25/2017 Featuring: Sensor systems: Monitoring, readjusting, documenting – the boom in process sensor systems is giving a whole new edge to laser processing. Why are there more and more sensors, and what impact is that having on the world of production? The new light source: A new window glass from Saint-Gobain lets through lots of light and also significantly reduces heat loss. All it took was impossible laser optics. Prof. Albert Stolow: in an in-depth interview, the molecular researcher states, "A look at the fundamentals of nature is almost akin to a religious experience".
Laser Community 24/2017
Issue 24/2017 The start-up scene: photonics and special laser technology have turned a generation of inventors and engineers into companies. Now the next wave of start-up entrepreneurs is coming. Laser marking: a connectable, universal technology for surface processing has arisen from unspectacular laser marking. Interview: the inventor of the disk laser Prof. Adolf Giesen on the future of the disk.
Laser Community 2016/23
Issue 23/2016 Featuring: Industry 4.0: Data, light and the factory of the future – Factories are getting smarter, more digital and more flexible. Lasers are the perfect tool for Industry 4.0. 3D printing: A swiss start-up prints the most secure keys in the world; The experts in coolant systems at Grindaix prints flow straight optimized nozzles. Microtechnology: Tokyo-based LPS Works develops new microprocessing methods for unusual materials.
Laser Community 2016/22
Issue 22/2016 Featuring: And now it's time for the weather: By firing lasers at clouds, physicists are hoping to better understand the weather - and change it. The most interesting discoveries were all serendipitous: Harvard physics professor Eric Mazur refelects on the discovery of black silicon and the art of courting serendipity. Railway: Photon AG is building trains with methods previously only used for cars.
Laser Community 2015/21
Issue 21/2015 Featuring: Lighter with lasers: Lasers make a convincing case even when it comes to the often unconventional world of lightweight materials - an overview of laser joining and cutting methods. Materials for cars: VW's head of materials research and manufacturing processes, Oliver Schauerte, explains how automakers will be using innovative materials in the future. Welcome to infinity: Coil welding equipment from THE Machines promises truly continuous production.
Laser Community 2015/20
Issue 20/2015 Featuring: "More light!" Nobel Prize winner Shuji Nakamura states that inexpensive light is the basis for civilization and progress "Adding depth to surfaces" A small but specialized institute is conducting research into the smallest, subtlest structures for surfaces that carry out a function "Recipe for success" Automotive giant GKN Driveline started welding drive components with lasers 14 years ago. Now the tried-and-tested system is moving to the next round - featuring disk lasers
Laser Community 2014/01
Issue 01:14 Featuring: "A radical diet" Reducing the energy and resources that go into your products calls for suppliers who are able to play their part. "The only way to remain competitive" Zero errors, zero waste - what's next? Dr. Hur Yoon-Hu from seat manufacturer Daewon Precision outlines his solution. "Professionals in plastics" Thin fi lms and plenty of light: Georg Geiss is developing an alternative to injection molding.
Laser Community 2013/02
Issue 02:13 Featuring Try a lot you still must The vistas opened up by additive manufacturing are exciting. And the reality is no less so - it just diverges from expectations. Welcome to the club Laser cutting not an option? For Zwilling, that's not an option. The unweldables Lasers are joining ever more "unweldable" combinations of materials. An overview of aluminum's role.
Laser Community 2013/01
Issue 01:13 Featuring Destination nanochip Mechanical methods are reaching their limits. Lasers offer a promising new approach to chip manufacture. A heated affair Lasers and inductive heat, in perfect harmony. First! Gerardo Oaxaca saw the hot forming wave coming and dived right in.
Laser Community 2012/02
Issue 02:12 Featuring Gently done What could be better for a surface than a tool that never even touches it? "Join this" Ed Hansen explains why hybrid laser welding is becoming increasingly popular. Maximum points The one-eyed productivity miracle from Osterburken
Laser Community 2012/01
Issue 01:12 Featuring Super fresh Stainless steel and convenience foods: How the food industry discovered the benefits of the laser. Oven-ready An oven that comes in 500 different variants. If that reminds you of the auto industry, you’re on the same wavelength as EDAG and Electrolux. A cut above A blade that never loses its edge? It may be black, but it’s not magic.
Laser Community 2011/02
Issue 02:11 Featuring Dance of the photons The next generation of scanner optics will allow the focus spot to dance around the workspace. We explain exactly what that will mean. "It helps me sleep better" Dan Hayden prepares parts for the harshest environments. Mix it! Femtosecond lasers mix and deposit complex coating systems in a single pass.
Laser Community 2011/01
Issue 01:11 Featuring "Smaller is better" IMS is building machines for very small parts. But that's not good enough for Henri Paus and Martin Langkamp. They want to take small to the next level. Quiet Please! The newest slip ring seals from KACO promise silence. A laser-welded muffler makes this possible. Thinking outside the box Those intending to store gas in a refrigerator-sized box for 30 years have some pretty creative thinking to do.
Laser Community 2010/02
Issue 02:10 Featuring Auto Vision The automobile industry grapples with fuel consumption and CO2 emissions without sacrificing driving comfort or security. And it succeeds. "I want 3D" The third dimension was a dream of Erhard Hujer who now lives and breathes large-scale production orders. Clean break Cutting without hurting the surface, no easy task when it comes to glass - but a solvable one. Grenzebach is leading the pack.
Laser Community 2010/01
Issue 01:10 Featuring Under Steam Until now, trial and error was the only way to find the right laser cutting parame-ters. Current research is changing this. A fine business "Everything depends on the precision of our work," explains Litron founder Mark Plasse. "Often even the life of the end user." Two point five How BorgWarner developed a clutch that shifts one hundred times faster than a person blinks.
Laser Community 2009/01
Issue 01:09 Featuring: Economic miracle Space, efficiency, costs: With the right beam quality, diode lasers will be unbeatable. Constant dripping Drip irrigation systems save precious water. THE machines make the power of high-tech houses affordable. "The design is decisive!" "Laser concept" takes designs from LASER & more to the top of the world’s highest building. What Reinhard Aumayr understands by this.
Laser Community 2008/03
Issue 03:08 Featuring: Joining Forces Powerful solid state lasers and automation concepts: Hybrid laser welding is on its way to getting out of its niche. The Profile Professionals "Montanstahl" - even star architect Frank Gehry knows this name. Double Charges Keeping things in is a matter of honor: iSi bottles helium for 10,000 years.
Laser Community 2008/02
Issue 2:08 Featuring: The New Lightness Every gram costs energy. How the laser reduces weight — and where it increases energy efficiency. From thought to form Large batches, small batches — why future users of the latest machine from Bihler can be at ease. Cutting-edge in India Bal Govind Gupta is excited about the future. In the industrial center of Chennai, India, his lasers have put him ahead of the rest.
Laser Community 2008/01
Issue 1:08 Featuring: Higher Yields Photovoltaics discovers the laser. Starry-eyed: Microscopic processing technol-ogy produces major gains in efficiency. Cool down! The afterburner technology is promising. The winglet tube from Fischer Edelstahl-rohre Group, amongst others, must meet these expectations. Trucks of Steel Steel instead of aluminum? Laser instead of MIG? A smaller supplier instead of a larger one? GM’s decisions.
Laser Community 2007/03
Issue 3:07 Featuring: Mission Protect Light, gas, powder: deposition welding. Solid facts on recent protection and repair technology for high stressed components. And it "clicked" A single idea depends on two oxidizing rivets. Three tricks created a breakthrough. "So how is it different in the U.S., Mr Busuttil?" Carmakers in the USA and Europe find their way to the laser by different routes. Peter Busuttil from Comau Inc., on the results.
Laser Community 2007/02
Issue 2:07 Featuring: Laser Technology Sets the Pace Technical innovations are moving medicine beyond pills and powders. Why the laser is an important tool to manufacturers. The Joy of Welding How BMW eliminates screws on the differential gear and gains efficiency and dynamic driving performance. The First Edible Laser Nobel Laureate Theodor Hänsch tells us how Arthur Schalow and himself invented an edible laser.
Laser Community 2007/01
Issue 1:07 Featuring: Tough as Steel Lasers and a new hot-stamping process are blazing new trails for applications with ultra high-strength steels Liftoff! Joining Technologies takes the repair welding market by storm in the aerospace industry Study Break Artificial bones for medical and surgical training programs are Synbone's stock-in-trade
Laser Community 2006/01
Issue 01:06 Featuring: Project:Fututre Creative, up-and-coming designers give professionals a hand Visionary What Adolf Giesen does with the disk Speed! Why scanner welding revolutionizes the joining technology